Monday, September 19, 2011

Summer 2011: A Look Back

As a new season begins, I look back at the previous season. I did poorly at keeping up American cartoons this season, not even watching the ones I was honestly looking forward too. Honestly, I've been watching stuff online rather than on TV for so long that I can never remember what time shows come on, but I'll try to keep up this season. I also only watched one American animated film, Cars 2, and didn't see Winnie the Pooh or The Smurfs (thank god). I did keep up the anime schedule, and didn't see any of the movies, but none of them have been translated yet.
I watched a lot of stuff this season, a bunch of which I wouldn't have started if I hadn't decided to watch all of them, and I would like to continue to do so if time allows it.

Let's look back at the season and see how it fared: