Sunday, June 26, 2011

Types of Fans

I've considered myself an anime fan for seven years now. I watched anime before that point, but I didn't know what it was. After you've been a member of a fandom for a long time, you begin to notice patterns inside those fandoms. These types of fans exist in nearly every fandom, although sometimes they mean different things in different ones. Whether you're a fan of anime, science fiction novels, films, musical, et al, you've probably seen at least one example of these fans.
  1.  The Mainstream Fan- They often have a more mild interest in the fandom, and they are interested in the most mainstream examples. They're usually not the type to spend money on it, and won't go out of their way to find examples. They are fans when it's convenient.
  2. The Die-hard Fan- Usually reaches this point when a mainstream fan sees an example from a fandom that really gets underneath their skin and speaks to them, and they become obsessed with that fandom. At this point, every example from that fandom is better than everything else, and they often have not yet distinguished between the good and the bad ones. They are the iconic examples of the fandom, because they often take it very seriously and may consider any attacks on the medium/genre personal. As a result, they are often the most vocal fans.
  3. The Classics Fan- At this point, the fan has had enough of seeing crappy examples of the medium/genre, and becomes a bit jaded. They begin to search out examples that are highly acclaimed and widely regarded by the fandom as being the best of the best.
  4. The Up-to-Date Fan- This fan knows all the latest happening in the fandom, and has seen or intends to see all the newest stuff that's been released. If the newest releases are easy to come by, they're often a die-hard fan. If its harder, or comes from a different country, they're usually a more experienced fan.
  5. The Historical Fan- At this point, the fan becomes curious about the beginnings of that medium/genre and begins to search out some of the oldest examples they can find. These fans have typically been fans for a very long time, and have a very genuine and sincere love of that medium/genre
  6. The Obscure Fan- At this point, the fan has become very jaded about the state of the fandom, and may even be sick of it. At this point, they search out the strangest, most obscure and most experimental examples of that fandom, and often take pride in their unusual taste. They may distance themselves from the other members of the fandom, finding their taste too unrefined, and are a little embarrassed of those fans.
I'm pretty sure these types of fans are everywhere, in all forms of fandoms, and are pretty recognizable. Some people are several different types combined, and not every fan goes through all the stages, or go through those stages in the order above. Can you recognize the type of fan you are?

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