Tuesday, July 19, 2011

First Impressions: Cat God

Plot synopsis:Koyama Yuzu is running an antique shop. Mayu, a cat god (nekogami), is living off Yuzu and leads an idle life playing games. Lots of other gods visit Mayu and enjoy merrymaking.

Before Viewing: Do you remember those older harem series, like Oh My Goddess! and Tenchi Muyo, or even going back even further Urusei Yatsura? This sort of feels like one of those supernatural harem series that were crazy popular back then. Most harem series these days aren't like that, so a series like this is actually a little nostalgic. Remember when Tenchi Muyo was on Toonami? You couldn't do something like that nowadays! That being said, I was never crazy for those kinds of series, and it's rare that I find a harem series I like.

After viewing: So obviously I was wrong about this being a harem series. That's a pleasant surprise. The one male character is definitely not at the center of a love pentagon or anything. It's a fairly typical supernatural comedy, about gods living on Earth and the shenanigans they get up to. It's a cute, light and fluffy series, where not much happens, just some somewhat entertaining characters goofing off and being cute. It's pretty cute, and makes for a entertaining half hour. It's nothing special, but it certainly won't hurt to watch if there's nothing else to watch.

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