Wednesday, July 6, 2011

First Impressions: Nyanpire the Animation

Plot Synopsis: It's about a cat, who's turned into a vampire and lives with a girl named Misaki.

Before viewing: I still think it's really weird that, out of any show Gonzo could make after disappearing for two years, they went with this one. A short (four minutes per episode) series about vampire cats. It's just so...meh. It doesn't look interesting at all. Let's see...

After viewing: That was... mildly annoying. What does it mean when the latest series you release is something so bland and inane?  In many cases, it usually spells the end of something. Will Gonzo be focusing on releasing series like this until they sputter out of existence? This comes from the company behind Afro Samurai, Full Metal Panic!, Gantz, fricking Hellsing! This series is so out of character for them, it would be like a Disney Channel Original series featuring constant blood, guts and sexuality!

On to the actual show, there isn't really a lot to talk about. It's four minutes of a cat whining about how much it wants blood. First of all, I am sick and tired of vampires constantly whining about how hungry they are. You're fucking immortal! You have powers beyond our wildest dreams! Surely you can be hungry for a little while, and surely you can keep your self control in check. It's seriously getting annoying. Secondly, it's just as annoying when the main character throws a temper tantrum because its owner hasn't made its dinner yet. No one's going to like a character who can't wait two freaking minutes to eat! It's not cute; it's just obnoxious. There's not much else to say, aside from the fact that the animation looks like Hot Topic vomited all over a cotton candy machine.

Oh yes...the ending theme. The ending theme is in live action, with a J-pop idol in gothic lolita lipsyncing to a song while maids and plushies of the characters prance around her. It's...weird. And extremely annoying

In short, bland show, annoying whiny main character, and annoying ending theme. Not much to enjoy, just that it's mercifully short.

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